Video Interview – Sexual Compatibility

The key to increasing relationship and sexual compatibility is self-knowledge.  The more you know about your self, your desires, your needs, the better.  If you are clear, you will communicate clearly with any potential partners. Self-knowledge + clear communication with a partner = more and more exciting sex. Most of us discover core sexual desires very young often before we know what is socially acceptable, considered right or ‘good’. It is only when we begin to communicate our desires and begin to learn about the desires of others, through friends and family, media, the internet and eventually lovers, that we start to censor our desires.  We make judgments based on the reactions or perceived reactions of others.  Those desires we feel are unacceptable to others, we often try to suppress.  This can lead to many years of tepid or boring sex at best and, at worst, bad sex combined with feelings of self-loathing. It takes many of us well into our middle lives before we know our own desires fully and are willing to express them.

Feroshia Knight is an incredible wholistic master coach and has a talent for thinking outside the box.  She puts her creative solutions to great use as a mentor and instructor helping people and heart centred business to create change and manifest the full lives they deserve. She has been an amazing mentor and in early 2016, she interviewed me for Coach Training World.

Please enjoy the video below… Join me Between the Sheets…   The full blog post can be found here.

I’d love to hear from you below.  Have you ever been in a sexless relationship?  How did you find the relationship that lights your fire?

Sharing our stories reminds us that none of us are alone and supports us to learn from each other.  Let’s turn sparks into a full blaze.

Dr Lori Beth

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