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You won’t find a more open, accessible, informative, and innovative speaker on the topics of sexuality, intimacy, relationship dynamics, trauma, and alternative lifestyles than Dr. Lori Beth. She’s bold. Irreverent. Fun. And funny. AND… she creates a truly safe space for men and women to come together to explore the deeper, darker sides of desire, sexuality, and human behavior.

Blending her deep educational roots as a psychologist with her breadth of wisdom and experience as a sex and intimacy coach with her powerful, purposeful personality, Lori Beth is known to light up a room and ignite a fire within an audience.

As a speaker, Dr. Lori Beth’s quickly becoming one of the world’s most sought after voices for making sex, sexuality, intimacy, and relationships easy to talk about. Available to deliver a keynote address, breakout session, experiential workshop, and/or erotic field trip, she’s guaranteed to get your audience buzzing with excitement and feeling free to express and explore their specific questions when it comes to arousal, intimacy, and passion.

“As a relationship expert and best selling author, I talk about and listen to a host of experts on the topics of love, relationships, sex, and intimacy. No one… and I mean NO ONE tackles these topics with more tact, tenacity – and without taboo – than Lori Beth. She’s the real deal and will leave you, your audience, and your event riveted.”

– Lisa Steadman, speaker, author, relationship expert

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