Sessions with Dr Lori Beth Bisbey take many forms

I have a unique combination of skills and tools to bring to bear on any issues clients bring to me.  A client’s goals, issues and personality style help to determine which tools are likely to work best.    In addition to working with individuals and couples who are seeking to explore their sexuality and desires and create the vibrant lasting intimate relationships, I work with individuals (couples and relationship groups) who are seeking to resolve conflict and re-establish intimate relationships (with themselves, and each other).

Survivors of sexual trauma:  I have long experience working with people who have experienced sexual trauma.  My PhD research was treatment outcome for crime victims who suffered PTSD and I have completed another large research project looking at treatment for trauma.  I co-authored a book on  treatment for PTSD.

People who have experienced sexual trauma often find it hard to even approach sex.  When they do start to think about their desires, they can find it hard to explore without judging themselves and without fear of condemnation from others.  I work with them to resolve the trauma but also to rebuild their sexual selves, to help them to explore their desires and sexuality without judgment.

Sessions with me can take a variety of forms.

Your situation, issues and learning style will determine what fits best for you.  If you want some help choosing, click here and schedule a free 30 minute strategy session.

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Contact me now to register or to schedule a free 30 minute strategy session.   Anyone can create a sizzling hot enduring intimate relationship.  Contact me now to begin to create yours!

 Intensive Work & Packages

Intensive work has the advantage of building momentum which usually makes breaking through any blocks or obstacles easier than when work is spread out.  We can address any issues quickly.  When we work intensively, progress comes quickly.  The rest of your life does not have the opportunity to interfere in the momentum.    Intensive work is best when goals are clear and parties are prepared to prioritise the work.  Intensive work is also excellent when working with issues around sexual trauma.

Sessions are not fixed in time and continue until a good ending point has been reached.  So sessions can be as short as 10 minutes or as long as 3 hours.   It is hard work so it is essential that you eat and sleep well and refrain from alcohol or recreational drugs during the night before sessions


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I started the intensive package thinking I knew where I was going and what I hoped to explore.  I finished in a completely different place, knowing who I am and where I want to go from here.    Life begins at 43!   


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