• It’s about time we have someone to talk to who is both psychologically educated and frank about the important roles sex plays in our relationships and lives.

  • Lori is an incredibly valuable thought leader on how to restore our sex and sexuality conversations to make them healthy, fun, non-shaming, empowered, and exciting again!

  • A modern day Dr. Ruth, Lori Beth pulls back the curtain on our deepest questions, concerns, and curiosities about sex

As host of 2 popular podcasts on the subjects of sex, love, intimacy, and kink, Dr. Lori Beth is a natural host, interviewer, knowledge sharer, and empowerment advocate who shines a light into the deepest, darkest corners sex often finds itself in… and brings each topic out into the light with compassion, wisdom, experience, and insights.

The A To Z Of Sex® Podcast

On The A To Z Of Sex® Podcast, Dr. Lori Beth and her featured guests explore the erotic alphabet one letter at a time. Exploring topics from Arousal to Zipless fucks (and everything in between), you’ll expand your mind and open your curiosities to a world where you feel free to express, explore, and experience your deepest desires and wildest fantasies. No topic is too taboo or tame. Marrying an appreciation for the science of sex with practical tips, real world advice, and the world’s leading guest experts, you’ll get answers to your burning questions, as well as receive the down and dirty details that will increase your pleasure in intimate relationships. Armed with knowledge, you’ll feel empowered to tickle, taunt, tease, and try new experience that arouse your senses and awaken your sexuality.

Sex Spoken Here Podcast

Talking about sexual concerns, issues, and problems can be incredibly daunting. Sourcing accurate, healthy, and safe information online is all the more challenging. Welcome to Sex Spoken Here, Dr. Lori Beth’s second podcast where she and her guest experts dive into deep conversations while creating a safe space to raise sexual desires, address common intimacy fears, and explore uncharted arousal territory. Podcast topics come from Dr. Lori Beth’s own areas of interest, her 30 years’ experience seeing clients, and topics/questions sent in by her audience. If you’ve got questions you’ve felt too embarrassed to ask anywhere else, this is the podcast for you.