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Dr Lori Beth Bisbey is a frequent media contributor and go-to expert on the topics of sex, sexuality, intimacy, trauma, relationships, and alternative lifestyles.

Most recently, Dr Lori Beth has lent her expertise to the following media topics:

  • How To Spice Up Your Sex Life
  • Sex Tips For People Who Are Dating & How To Please Your Man/Woman
  • How To Reclaim A Healthy Sex Life After Trauma
  • Sexuality And Authenticity
  • Power Dynamics In Sexual Relationships
  • Rough Sex Play In Intimate Relationships
  • Sex, BDSM, & Power Dynamics In Relationships
  • Power Dynamics & Violence In Relationships
  • Healthy Sexual Expectations & Healthy Boundaries 

Dr Lori Beth is an exceptional voice in the landscape of love and sexuality because she truly believes that love is love, no matter what the form: chocolate, vanilla or fudge ripple! In her mind, everyone on the planet deserves the right to love their own way, and that simple, yet unconditionally loving approach has made her writing, quotes and videos sought after on and websites across the globe.

– Melanie Gorman, Sr. VP, YourTango Experts

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