conscious relationships

6 Month Online Group Beginning 26 February 2020

What if you could have the relationship(s) you yearn for right now?

conscious relationships

I’m Dr Lori Beth Bisbey.  

I am a psychologist and a sex and intimacy coach. I work with people who struggle to sustain meaningful intimate relationships with exciting sex.  When they work with me, they release their shame, uncover and honour their deepest desire so they experience radiant conscious relationships and the best sex of their lives.  

conscious relationships
Dr Lori Beth Bisbey®

I am kink and consensual nonmonogamy knowledgeable, work extensively with people who are from the GSRD (Gender Sexuality Relationship Diversity) community.  I have expertise in helping people heal from trauma and move beyond survivor and back into life.

In this group, we will work on the issues that keep people from identifying and owning their desires, embracing and honouring all parts of themselves, consciously choose relationships that feed them and support them rather than ones that frustrate them or tear them down.  We will work on improving emotional, social, communication and coping skills with a view to making conscious choices about relationships and intimacy that bring us and our partners ongoing joy.

This is a 6 month group.

There are two 90 minute group sessions per month and one self-directed homework session of audio/video/written content and a playbook of exercises that are reviewed and feedback is provided by Dr Lori Beth.

The price for the group is £1787. 

If the full price is paid in advance, the price reduces to £1490 (a savings of £297).

Alternatively, it can be paid in 6 instalments of £307. 

To book your place, full payment To book your place, paying each month