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In parts 1 – 4 of this series, I gave you tips on communicating, creating the space, using imagination and role play to bring back the sizzle in your sexual relationships. In the last part of this series, I end with 7 suggestions for a steamy sexual encounter. Choose your time. Do you want an […]


In parts 1-3 of this series, we looked at using imagination, setting the scene and good communication to bring the blaze back in a relationship.  This week, we look at keeping the fire burning. 4.   Fires Need Fuel To keep a blaze burning bright, oxygen is necessary. The chemical reaction cannot happen in the […]

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In weeks 1 and 2, I set the scene to help you begin to bring back that flame.  I spoke about creating space and time to for you, to focus on your sexual life and make it a priority.  This week, I move to looking at starting the fire. 3.  Fire needs a reliable source […]


Creating the Space for Sex: Creating the Fire pit Last week we talked about the need for fuel in order to build a fire and keep it ablaze. I gave you some ways to try to spark your imagination. This week, we look at how we create the space in our lives, environments and relationships […]

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Do you wish your relationships could be as full of fire as they were when you were younger?  Or was your sex life never as smoking as you wanted it to be?  This month we look at five easy ways to bring back the blaze. If you want a lasting relationship, good sex is essential. […]