Freaked Out That Your Partner May be Polyamorous? Here’s What You Need To Do.


They’ve been talking about how cool they find the idea of inviting someone else into your bed for a while now but you never really took them seriously until they handed you a copy of ‘The Ethical Slut’ to read. Is your parner polyamorous?  Now you are completely freaked out that they will want to […]

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A Practical Primer for Overcoming Shame

We experience shame when we cannot own something we have thought, felt, or done or some part of ourselves. Guilt can be appropriate when we have done something we know is wrong and harmed ourselves and/or others. It serves the purpose of getting us to look at the wrong and highlighting the wrong so that we can make amends, change our behaviour.


Turning Pain Into Pleasure: From OUCH To Oooooo…

Turning Pain Into Pleasure

For most kinky sex and BDSM beginning bottoms, pain is not an instant turn on.  You may have read plenty of articles waxing lyrical about how hot pain is and how many stratospheric orgasms you can have if the beating is just right… but the first time that hand, paddle or flogger comes down on […]


When Pain Turns You On…

When Pain Turns You On

Miranda was experimenting with her first girlfriend when she realized that pain turned her on. Her girlfriend bit her in the heat of passion and it was an instant orgasm.  At first she felt confused by this and then she felt ashamed.    Wasn’t pain supposed to turn you off? According to current statistics, 1 in […]