Dr Lori Beth Bisbey photo by Feroshia Knight
Kew Gardens, photo by Dr Lori Beth Bisbey

Do you wish your relationships could be as full of fire as they were when you were younger?  Or was your sex life never as smoking as you wanted it to be?   When you and your lover have alone time, do you look forward to exciting intimacy or do you dread the routine?  I am Dr Lori Beth Bisbey and I spend my time helping people to create exciting intimate lives.

As a psychologist since 1987, I have worked with people exploring sexuality, working through trauma and people in various stages of intimate relationships. I have worked with families and divorcing spouses. As a whole life relationship coach, I have worked with couples and relationship groups to help heal relationships or to help people decide to end them and do so with grace and care. My greatest joy is working with people to create their sizzling hot enduring sexual lives. To me, there is nothing sadder than a life full of regret. I know that everyone can have her ideal sexual relationship. My mission is to show you how to create yours.

I’m Lori Beth and I absolutely love my life.  I have a brilliant career, fantastic family life and a lovely home.  My husband and I have the hottest spiciest sex life.  I am so grateful for the love and support that has made it possible for me to get to this place.

The road to my ideal intimate life was steep and rocky.   At 19, I suffered a severe sexual trauma.  I worked hard in therapy to recover from the trauma and the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder I was left with.  I got married at 27 to a British man I met at a conference.  I was excited to be his wife despite my intuitive doubts.  Against the advice of my nearest and my gut instincts, I married him.   We had sex 12 times in 8 years – enough said.   We argued about sex. I felt unattractive, alone.  After 8 ½ years, I set out on my own again.


Ever the optimist, I remarried at 37.  Looking back, I chose a father for my child rather than a husband.  We were not sexually compatible. I tried to talk about my desires and I heard ‘I don’t like that.’    After having my son, I became ill and our sex life came to a complete halt. I felt rejected and I am sure he felt rejected as well.  We separated in 2008 and I took myself off to California for a style make over .

On my way to a friend’s home, an SUV plowed through a red light demolishing my car.  Incredibly, I walked away from the scene unscathed.   From that moment, I resolved to live my life fully.  I would not settle for a sexless relationship again.   In 2009, I met my ideal partner and we married in 2014.

Dr Lori Beth Bisbey, photo by Feroshia Knight
Dr Lori Beth Bisbey plays piano and cello

I am bisexual  and my ideal sex life includes more than one partner.  Though I was honest about my needs, my partners found it hard to negotiate honestly so as a result my first two marriages were peppered with my husbands’ affairs.   From the start of my relationship with my husband TJ, we were both clear about our needs and desires.  We have always negotiated to make sure that we both get our needs met.  Communication is central to keeping our relationship sizzling even after many years.

If you want that fresh relationship full of spark, excitement and connection, you have come to the right place.   With a bit of attention and inspiration, I can help you create or re-create your heart’s desire.


Pantheon, photo by Dr Lori Beth Bisbey
Dr Lori Beth Bisbey, photo by her son
Arctic Wolf, photo by Dr Lori Beth Bisbey
Dr Lori Beth Bisbey and her husband, selfie

I have a Master’s (1987) and PhD (1995) in clinical psychology. As a psychologist, I work with children and adults, individuals, couples, groups and families. I worked with the Family Courts for over 20 years providing assessments, helping families to heal from divorce and other trauma. I provided therapy for those same groups for 28 years.

As a qualified coach I work with people who want to find their perfect relationships, improve their existing relationships, transform their lives to follow their heart’s desire. I work with people of all genders, sexualities, races, creeds and cultures to rediscover their core truths and having done so, revamp their relationships to honour their truths.

I identify as polyamorous and bisexual, am kink knowledgeable and love working with people who choose alternative lifestyles as well as those who choose travel a more traditional path.

Some of Dr Lori Beth Bisbey’s Truths

Life is a journey rather than a destination.  Focusing on the destination means missing all the richness and jewels along the way.

Tomorrow is not promised.   Act today or you risk missing the chance.

Change will happen. If you don’t make the choices, someone will make them for you.

Connection to others is central to a fully lived life.  Without relationships, life has less purpose.

A sexual life is essential not optional. There are more possibilities to create this sexual life than you can quickly imagine. There is something out there for everyone.

Normal is a misnomer! Normal is a statistical term. It is about the mean, median and mode. If you don’t remember your statistics (or you never understood them anyway), these are measures of central tendencies. In English, they measure where the middle of a bunch of data is and with many things, a large number of folks cluster around that middle. The middle is ‘normal’.  Meaning something is considered normal if a lot of people do it or have it.  So being clinically depressed at some point in your life could be described as normal in modern society.

It is far better to be true to yourself, better yourself and show the best version of you to the world than to worry about being ‘normal’