Dr Lori Beth, sex coach, photo by Feroshia Knight
Dr Lori Beth, sex coach, photo by Feroshia Knight
Sex Coach, photo by Feroshia Knight

Dr Lori Beth, Intimacy and Sex Coach, Psychologist

My 2017 schedule:

24 May – 30 May 2017: Chicago, Illinois, USA.  I have availability for intensive work while I am in Chicago.  Email me at: drbisbey@the-intimacy-coach.com to book.

1- 7 June 2017: San Diego and Los Angeles, California.  I have limited time available for sex coach and relationship coaching sessions in both locations.  Email me at drbisbey@the-intimacy-coach.com to book.

July 2017 United Kingdom

1-8 August 2017: New Jersey, USA

9-12 August 2017: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

13-15 August 2017: Ft Lauderdale, ,Florida, USA

17 August – 31 August United Kingdom

September 2017 United Kingdom

October 2017: United Kingdom and Washington DC/ Baltimore Maryland.

November 2017: New Orleans, Louisiana, Los Angeles, California and United Kingdom

December 2017: United Kingdom and New York, New Jersey, USA

Other dates and locations to be confirmed.




Is Your Relationship on Fire?

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In my 30 years working with people and their relationships, problems with intimate and sexual time is one of the top 3 problems they bring to the table.  Schedule 30 minutes with me to see how I can help you create the sex life you have always desired.

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Vital Keys To Enhancing Your Relationship and Creating Intimacy That Lasts:  This video is the first in this series of three.  I hope you enjoy it!  For the second and third videos head to the programmes page.

74 Smokin Hot Movies that are not rated X ebook

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Lori is direct and makes it easy to talk about the hard bits.  We have a sex life again and it is hotter than it ever was before the baby.  We have more fun together and feel closer than we ever have before.  We can’t thank Lori enough for helping us re-light our fire!

J & R

California, USA

Pop-up Brothels? Whys an wherefores of buying sex

Not too long ago there was a huge outcry when it was discovered that some sex workers were hiring places using Airbnb and setting up short term brothels.  People were upset about the sex work in general and also about the thought of people having sex in their homes.  ...

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How Do I Know If Polyamory Is For Me?

To start let’s define polyamory.  Polyamory is usually defined as when a person prefers to have romantic and sexual relationships with more than one person at a time (though not necessarily at the same time!).  This is contrasted with monogamy when a person agrees to...

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