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26 December 2016  – 3 January 2017: NY/NJ  I will be in NY/NJ area and still have a couple of spaces available between the holidays.  Click the button below to book!

Is Your Relationship on Fire?

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In my 30 years working with people and their relationships, problems with intimate and sexual time is one of the top 3 problems they bring to the table.  Schedule 30 minutes with me to see how I can help you create the sex life you have always desired.

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Vital Keys To Enhancing Your Relationship and Creating Intimacy That Lasts:  This video is the first in this series of three.  I hope you enjoy it!  For the second and third videos head to the programmes page.


Take the Ultimate Passion Test and discover the 3 keys to Sizzling Love that Lasts.


Lori is direct and makes it easy to talk about the hard bits.  We have a sex life again and it is hotter than it ever was before the baby.  We have more fun together and feel closer than we ever have before.  We can’t thank Lori enough for helping us re-light our fire!

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California, USA

C is for Come

C is for Come …   Come or cum is defined as slang for orgasm.   When talking about sex, coming is often the central topic as it is frequently the main goal.    Many people define good sex as sex in which all who are involved reach orgasm.  Equally, bad sex is often...

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A is for Arousal

A is for Arousal which is where sex begins.  There is no sex without arousal.  Arousal begins in the mind.  Even for those of us who first experience arousal through visual means – seeing someone we find attractive, for example.  Vision is not simply in the eyes.  The...

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